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Skater 28 Flat Deck Out Of Paint, Quad Outboard-Powered 388 And More Coming

Blessed to be very busy—that’s how Tony Cutsuries, the national sales manager of Skater Powerboats, describes the current state of affairs at the Douglas, Mich., company. The custom builder currently has a mix of large and small Skater models in production including Michigan-based Todd Fountain’s freshly painted 28-foot flat-deck catamaran powered by twin Mercury Racing 300R outboard engines, though most of the current builds are “bigger stuff.”

skater28fountainpaint 01

Painted by Skater, Todd Fountain’s new 28-footer should be completed and delivered in the near future (click image to enlarge).

“The bigger stuff is hot right now,” said Cutsuries. “We have four 438s and two 46s in production. We have three 368s, two of them with outboards, and three 388s. One of the 388s is getting Sterling Performance engines, another one is getting Mercury Racing 1100s and another is getting four Mercury Racing V-8 outboards.”

As for what form the quad-outboard power actually will take on the new 38-footer, Cutsuries couldn’t say definitively. That’s because Mercury Racing hasn’t revealed any plans for a more-powerful V-8 outboard than the current 300R. Most high-performance boat builders and many consumers are expecting something more potent—and likely supercharged—based on the V-8 platform from the Fond du Lac, Wis., company, but per their tradition and Mercury Racing policy the people there are keeping a tight lip on any future engine releases.

skater28fountainpaint 03

Fountain’s Skater is one of several exciting outboard engine-powered builds happening at the company.

“Two of the 368 also are getting outboards,” said Cutsuries. “One of them is getting Mercury Racing Verado 400s—they’re already sitting here. One is getting Mercury Racing V-8 outboards—we’re just not sure which ones yet.”

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