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Sixteen Power Continuing Collaboration With Katech

Production and validation of the V-16 marine engine platform introduced by Sixteen Power LLC at the 2017 Miami International Boat Show reportedly is ongoing, and to that end the Detroit area-based engine company is continuing its relationship with Katech, Inc., a “Tier 1 engine development partner of General Motors for the past 40 years,” according to a joint press release from the two companies. According to the release, Sixteen Power and Katech have collaborated for the past year to “support the new powertrain.”


According the release, the Sixteen Power engine was designed with unique features to address marine-specific duty cycles. Enabling multiple cylinder head specifications, robust dual cooling circuits and a dedicated top-end oil scavenge bay, the block is the foundation of an all-new marine powertrain. Katech “has been instrumental” in bringing the engine to life, which has included some of the block machining such as line honing and cylinder bore deck plate honing, as well as final dyno wiring harness support.

The first firing of the engine on the dynamometer happened at the Katech facility. According to the release, the company’s assistance and data acquisition proved invaluable, “as the very first full power pull produced 1,100 BHP and 1,100 LBF-FT torque with very cautious operating parameters.”

“Katech is honored to work with Sixteen Power on this awesome new engine platform. It is built on a long history of highly developed architecture and components, yet adds all new features and strategies to further support the high duty cycle of marine engines,” remarked Kevin Pranger, Katech’s director of motorsports. “The first day of running on the dyno made it immediately apparent how effortlessly this engine makes power and yet is amongst the most-tame engines at idle. The potential for the more aggressive models and boosted versions is tremendous and Katech looks to have a bright future working with Sixteen Power on this revolutionary engine.”

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