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Sixteen Power Checks Engine Compartment Fit At Skater

In the ongoing development push for their V-16 high-performance marine engine platform, representatives from Detroit-based Sixteen Power visited Skater Powerboats across the state in Douglas for a “trial fitting.” Their goal was to demonstrate that the 16-cylinder engine in either naturally aspirated or supercharged form would fit in the engine bay of a Skater 388 catamaran.

sixteenpowerfit 03A

Sixteen Power’s V-16 engine platform passed its packaging test in a Skater 388 catamaran last week (click image to enlarge.)

“Peter wanted to use a 388 as the guinea pig, because if the V-16 fits that hull it will fit all his bigger models,” said Tom Robinson of Sixteen Power. “We already knew it would fit because we laser-scanned the engine compartment of a 388 a few years ago, but having the master himself give approval was another matter. Peter was in fine form and he climbed right into the engine compartment with his tape measure.

“Wide big-block engines are a tight fit in the sponsons of the 388, especially twin-turbocharged versions with down-swept exhaust manifolds,” he continued. “Since the V-16 is much narrower, it drops straight in and it can actually sit lower than Peter needs. And after his close scrutiny, we passed the inspection.”

Tony Cutsuries, Skater’s national sales manager, confirmed the 38-footer’s engine compartment to accommodate the V-16 mills. “I don’t have anyone interested at this present time, but they did fit,” he said.

Sixteen Marine’s supercharged V-16 successful Skater 388 engine compartment fit-test last week showcased the engine’s relatively compact width and packaging.

Robinson said he believes the twin supercharged Sixteen Power V-16 engines would be ideal in a 55-foot catamaran currently under construction at Skater. Getting a closer look at that boat was part of the reason for his visit.

“Big boats need big power, and the number being tossed around in discussions for that boat is 1,700 hp,” he said. “Our supercharged V-16 is the only engine available that can deliver this power on pump gas and do it for hundreds of hours.”

sixteenpowerfit 10A

Having pre-scanned the 38-footer’s engine compartment, Sixteen Power representatives knew the engine would fit, but Skater’s Peter Hledin needed to see for himself (click image to enlarge.)

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