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Shootout Make-A-Wish Rides: All About the Kids

Tiffany Maasen can finally take a deep breath. Her primary Lake of the Ozarks Shootout volunteer duties, which include assisting with the organization of Wednesday’s Shootout on the Strip and leading the corps of volunteers behind Thursday’s Make-A-Wish rides for children with serious disabilities or medical conditions, are behind her and she can officially relax and enjoy the rest of the festivities surrounding the 28th annual event in Central Missouri.

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Poly Lift Boat Lift owner Mike Maasen took several kids and their familes for rides today in his Cigarette 42X. All photos by Jason Johnson

Maasen, who is the executive director of Lake Area Industries, Inc., and is married to Mark Maasen, one of the brothers behind Poly Lift Boat Lifts, said today’s event went really smooth although they had about 10 kids and their families who signed up for the event and were not able to make it.

“As usual we had so many big-hearted boaters come out to give rides this year,” Maasen said. “We even had several families who came from out of state for the rides—some are even staying around the whole week. Fortunately we had a couple of hotels, Lakeview Resort and Tan-Tar-A Resort, give us some rooms and some of the families around the area make donations to pay for hotel rooms as well. I have to give thanks to the drivers and the volunteers who give up their time to be here for most of the day for this.

“It’s just a great event that gets more successful every year,” she continued. “Our sponsor for three years now has been First National Bank—they put up money that goes right to Make-A-Wish to help the Make-A-Wish families get their wishes granted. What’s cool this year is that we have a local wish—Reese Werner—who is going to Disneyland and will benefit directly from all of the volunteer hours that were logged today.”

Check out the photos above for a slideshow of just a few of the many rides provided today from the docks at Captain Ron’s in Sunrise Beach.

Maasen was particularly excited about the local water patrol boat that was on hand to give rides as well as the variety of boats from pontoons, wakeboard boats, catamarans, houseboats, center consoles and V-bottoms that showed up to bring a smile to the faces of all the kids and families who attended the event.

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