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Shogren Adds Nor-Tech Line

Shogren Adds Nor-Tech

You have to admire Scott Shogren’s aggressive approach to selling high-performance boats in what would charitably be called a “soft” market. Not content to simply continue to sell Fountain and Baja boats, the owner of Shogren Performance Marine in Waukegan, Ill has taken on the Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats line.

“We sold a lot of Fountains over the years, and we think the Nor-Tech is the perfect compliment for the owner of, say, a 42’ Lightning, who wants a bigger boat with more amenities,” Shogren said in telephone interview this weekend. “That Nor-Tech 43V—that’s just such a big boat. And I think I have the potential to sell some of their 80-footers. Some people have accused me of just being a ‘big boat guy,’ and maybe that’s true. But I’m very niche in what I do.”

Shogren said he has just five Fountains and five Bajas—less than $2 million—in inventory—currently in his showroom.

“I’m really lucky,” he said. “I don’t have a lot inventory lying around. We’re on track for a record sales year.”