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Seven Marine Introduces New 627-HP Outboard

Arguably one of the biggest news items in the performance marine engine world to come from the Miami International Boat Show was the announcement of the new 627 outboard engines from Seven Marine.

seven 627a

Seven Marine pulled the cover off of its new 627 outboard engines on Thursday at the Miami International Boat Show.

The 627 designation is exactly what you think it stands for—horsepower. The new ultra-high-technology, non-racing, production outboard engine boosts the Germantown, Wis., company’s existing, industry-leading 557-hp model with an additional 70 horses. The 627 also boasts a new SpectraBlade cowl with Integrated Illumination bringing color LED lighting to the cowl exterior with patent-pending engineering.

According to a release from the company, the product expansion marks Seven Marine’s fifth anniversary, assuring its leadership position through proprietary innovations targeted at the fast-growing “super console” (42 feet and above) outboard-powered segment.

“Throughout my 40-year career in the outboard motor business, one common thread has always excited the market; the combination of horsepower and innovation,” said Seven Marine President Rick Davis. “We are passionate at Seven about moving the horsepower benchmark forward and driving innovation, because we know that it improves the boating experience and makes our customers’ hearts pound.

“Creating a non-racing outboard at 627hp on standard fuel is no easy task” Davis continued. “We engineered an advanced High-Turbulence Combustion chamber to develop usable horsepower and torque throughout the operating range while continuing to deliver best-in-class fuel efficiency.”

seven 627b

The new SpectraBlade cowl adds to the “cool factor” of the new 627-hp engines from Seven Marine.

While there aren’t any boats in the water with 627 engines (production on the units will begin in April), Brian Davis, Seven Marine’s VP of finance and operations, offered speedonthewater.com a chance to experience the 557 engines—four to be exact—on a 43-foot Midnight Express. (Look for a feature on the boat in the next issue of Speed On The Water magazine).

According to the release, the 627 utilizes the all-aluminum GM LSA 6.2L supercharged and fuel-injected V8, as does the 557. By investigating new technologies to broaden the horsepower and torque curves for heavier boats, the power level was increased through proprietary development of a new marine-specific, High-Turbulence Combustion chamber. Each 627 combustion chamber is precision machined to exacting tolerances to create a unique combustion event that increases horsepower and delivers the big torque required for optimizing performance on large center consoles.

The result is over 600 lb.-ft. of torque from 3,000 rpm through rated speed. At this level, developed horsepower is increased through the entire rpm range, dramatically improving acceleration and raising top speed potential. Seven has also developed a proprietary ECM calibration to optimize top speed and midrange fuel economy. The rated speed of the 627 is 5,500 rpm, 100 rpm higher than the 557, which will assist in propeller selection. Fuel requirements for the 627 remain at a minimum of 89 octane plus 10 percent ethanol.

The 557 engines already featured custom paint options, but the Spectra-Blade design takes outboard styling to a new level. The new blade elements sculpt a unique profile creating more possible color combinations than ever before. Plus the new design provides style, customer individuality and luxury, all while allowing the installation of subliminal LED lighting. With 615 completely waterproof LED lights creating a full spectrum of colors, the 627’s SpectraBlade cowl looks as good at night as it does by day.

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