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Sequence of the Week: Maritimo’s Misty Spin

maritimospin 03

Still sorting through hundreds of images for our 2016 Speed On The Water Year In Review print, which will be distributed in early January, we came across this sequence of Maritimo spinning out in the Harbor Turn during the final race of the Super Boat International Offshore World Championships in Key West, Fla. Perfectly positioned to capture the incident, Speedonthewater.com contributing photographer Yvonne Aleman delivered this series of images.

As you can see from the slideshow above, the Maritimo team discovered what can happen when you come into the Key West Harbor Turn a little too hot. Photo courtesy/copyright Yvonne Aleman/Speedonthewater.com.

sotw yir16 preview

Based and built in Australia, the 43-foot Unlimited-class catamaran was throttled by Ross Willaton and driven by Travis Thompson. Willaton and Thompson were uninjured in the mishap, though it did knock the two Aussie racers out of the competition. Like offshore racing fans everywhere, we were glad they were OK—and we’re looking forward to seeing them in Key West next year.

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