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See And Be Scene: The Top Three Go-Fast Boating Events For 2016


Want to catch the biggest and baddest go-fast boats in action? These three events deliver goods. Photo courtesy/copyright Robert Brown.

No one buys a go-fast boat that can top 180 mph, much less dresses it up with a $50,000 paint job, to go unnoticed. If flying across the water incognito were the goal of those who spend the big money required to do it, the boats would be white, or maybe gray. Go-fast boating events such as poker runs and rallies and raft-ups wouldn’t exist, because the boat owners would only hit the water early on weekday mornings to escape attention.

But, to loosely borrow from Samuel L. Jackson in the movie, Pulp Fiction, “That stuff ain’t real.” In the real world, the hottest high-performance catamarans and V-bottoms are big—40 feet is on the small side—and powered by twin 700- to 1,800 supercharged or turbocharged engines. And they boast wild, big-buck graphics.

OK, you may come across a shy owner now and then, a guy or gal who just likes to go fast on the water and be left alone to do it. But the boats? In every aspect, they’re designed to command attention. And grouped together, they produce the kind of sensory overload that only a speed-loving gear head can truly appreciate.

Publicly or privately, if you answer to that description there are three events you must attend in 2016. As it happens, there’s one out West, another in the Midwest and on the East Coast, more precisely Key West, Fla. And they occur in that sequence, months apart from one another, so if you have the travel budget you could make all three and get your fill of the finest go-fast powerboat hardware on the planet.

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