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Second M41 from DCB Sets Off on Poker Run Tour

dcbm41 red lead

Powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 1350 engines, the second M41 Widebody from DCB left the company’s Southern California factory for Canada yesterday.

In contrast to the first M41 Widebody catamaran from Dave’s Custom Boats (DCB)—Win Farnsworth’s remarkable Silver Lining—the second 100-percent carbon epoxy 41-footer rolled away from the company’s El Cajon, Calif., factory on another similarly stunning tilt trailer from Lugo Manufacturing.

“The first one has the classy elegant silver look and the new one has this hot-rod, Ferrari-red look,” said Dave Hemmingson, who started DCB more than 20 years ago. “She looks beautiful, doesn’t she? I honestly don’t know how we can build a finer boat. Taking them to this degree of fit and finish is quite a process.”

dcbm41 red trailer
dcbm41 red transom

Hemmingson said the boat is on its way to Canada’s Shuswap Lake in British Columbia. DCB owner Rob Blair, who lives in Alberta, Calgary, will be using the boat on his local lake and participating in Sunday’s (Aug. 4) Hot Dogs/Hot Boats Day, a customer appreciation fun run hosted by Performance Marine in Vernon, with about a dozen other DCB owners and 30 or 40 more performance boaters.

From there the boat will be trailered south for the Big Cat Poker Run (Aug. 16-17) in Northern California. Then begins the journey east as the DCB crew will set off for Missouri for the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout (Aug. 24-25) and Kentucky for the Lake Cumberland Poker Run (Sept. 6-8).

Although powering the M41 with twin Mercury Racing 1650 Race engines was discussed, Hemmingson said they opted to go with a pair of Mercury 1350s since the boat will be used for many demo rides throughout the summer. It helps that you can fill up the 91-octane-fueled 1350s on the water—the 1650s require 112-octane fuel—and that the 1350s have a one-year warranty.

“We’re very excited to show off the new M41—there are several guys itching to see it and take a ride,” said Blair, who happened to be at the Performance Marine shop with owners Jim and Dana Anderson today. “We’ll have the boat up here all next week and then we’ll be back in California with it. We’re excited to have a boat we’ll be able to run and take to events this year.

“Win (Farnsworth) was gracious enough to buy the first M41 and let us impose on him to promote the boat,” Blair added. “I can hardly wait to get my hands on the new one. The guys at the shop have gone over the top in typical fashion for Dave Hemmingson and his team.”

Editor’s note: Look for coverage of the Hot Dogs/Hot Boats Day on speedonthewater.com next week.

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