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Scenes From The Outerlimits Fun Run And Scenic Circle Power Party

As if on cue, the rain and wind that greeted Lake of the Ozarks Shootout and Super Cat Fest visitors yesterday morning evaporated in time for Michael “Doc” Janssen’s annual Friday afternoon Scenic Circle Power Party at his home on the shores of the Central Missouri waterway. The event followed a morning fun run for the fleet, which was made up of Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats V-bottoms. (Janssen owns a canopied Outerlimits SV 53 model.)

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In addition to hosting the annual Scenic Circle Power Party at his home, Janssen enjoyed the morning fun run in his well-known 53-foot canopied Outerlimits V-bottom. All photos courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Staring from the toll bridge, the group headed to Big Dick’s Halfway Inn for an early lunch. Despite the intermittent hard rain, the entire fleet made it to the destination before heading to Janssen’s waterfront home.

18shootout olfun8

A healthy contingent of Outerlimits enjoyed yesterday’s fun run.

The catered affair attracted Outerlimits owners from across the country including Mark and Nancy Tuck of Virginia, Vinnie Diorio of Wisconsin, Richie Szesnat of New York, Burton Kirsten of Michigan and more. Dan Kleitz—and his father, Ken—were on hand to represent the Bristol, R.I., Outerlimits brand in their new 29-foot V-bottom.

“I think this was our sixth annual Outerlimits fun run followed by the Power Party I’ve hosted for many years here during the Shootout week,” said Janssen. “We took a lot of boats to Big Dicks, we had Pete Boden up in the air taking pictures and then we came back to my house for the party where we had 150 people enjoying barbecue, drinks, the pool and some fantastic camaraderie. Overall it was an outstanding event that set the stage for the rest of the year.”

After yesteday’s fun run, the Outerlimits owners headed back for Janssen’s home to relax and enjoy the clear afternoon skies. Check out the slideshow above for more images from the run and the party.

“I have to give all credit to Doc, Mark Tuck and Richie Szesnat for planning everything and putting on a great event,” said Kleitz. “They took it upon themselves to do all of the organizing everything and it went really well. We started out a little wet, but I think everyone still had a good time.

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