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Scarab Pride

In this line of work, I get to meet and interview many boaters. That’s obvious. And while many of them like their boat as much or more than their significant other, I don’t come across too many who exhibit so much admiration for their boat that they create a website dedicated to it.

scarab p29 sotw

Illinois’ John LiCausi is the proud owner of a 1996 P-29 Scarab, which was one of 29 special 40th anniversary 29-footers built.

Recently I was introduced to John LiCausi of Rockford, Ill., whom not only has one but two websites dedicated to his prized possessions—a 1996 Wellcraft Scarab Sprint and a 1996 Wellcraft P-29 Scarab. According to LiCausi, the P-29 is number 19 of 29 special 40th anniversary edition boats built and has been on his radar for several years. And in his opinion, the 29-footer, which he purchased in April, was too cool to keep to himself so he put together a website showcasing one of the most sought after Scarab models. It helps that LiCausi’s business is in the online world as owner of Internet Marketing Helpline Inc.

“I live and breathe this stuff,” said LiCausi, who has plans to expand the www.scarabp29.com site with more information, pictures and videos—watch his witty YouTube video here. “Although I didn’t get to use the P-29 as much as I wanted this first season because there was some general maintenance to get caught up on, I still had a great time with the boat.”

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