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SBI Signs Two New Venues For 2016

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During the yesterday’s drivers’ meeting—the first of four that are scheduled this week during the 2015 Super Boat International World Championships in Key West, Fla.— an SBI official announced that the organization has signed two new venues for the 2016 season. Port Jefferson on New York’s Long Island will host one race. Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Mentor, Ohio, will host the other event.

Both venues have significance within the SBI racing community. Port Jefferson is “home water” for veteran offshore Billy Mauff of WHM Motorsports. Mentor is relatively close to Ed Smith’s Cleveland Construction team home base in Michigan. Both Cleveland Construction and WHM Motorsports are Superboat-class teams that will compete in the first race of the SBI Key West Worlds tomorrow.

Despite that the focus of most SBI racers was on today’s test session (see slideshow above), the news of the 2016 schedule additions was welcome. Photos courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

With the loss of its Pensacola, Fla., venue, SBI’s regular season consisted of four races this year. If the current plans with the new venues hold, there will be six races during SBI’s 2016 regular season. While the dates for the races haven’t been released, they’ll most likely run in the mid to late summer, according to a source inside SBI.

The focus of most SBI racers was on today’s testing and practice session rather than the 2016 schedule additions. Still, the news was welcome among the competitors who saw their options become more limited this season with the loss of Pensacola.

“I think it’s great,” said Peter Meyer of the Hooters/Instigator team. “It’s good news for SBI and good news for the sport.”

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