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SBI Key West Worlds Update: Checking The Points

During the Wednesday and Friday races Super Boat International’s Offshore World Championships in Key West, Fla., teams earn points for their finishing order. Most notably, a first-place is worth 250 points, a second-place finish is worth 225 points and a third-place result is worth 202.5 points. In Sunday’s longer grand finale in which teams run twice as many laps (14 to 18—the number varies from class to class) the points awarded for podium finishes double.


FJ Propeller has dominated the Stock Class so far in Key West. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

While not exactly higher math, the point-based scenarios can get pretty complicated. Regardless, the team in each class with the most points wins. In the event two teams have accumulate the same number of points at the end of the three-race series, the fastest average lap time—based on all laps completed—breaks the tie.

Here’s a quick look at where the current points leaders are across all classes based on Wednesday’s official and Friday’s still-unofficial results:

•Superboat Unlimited
CMS—452.5 points
CRC—Sunlight Supply—414 points
Miss GEICO—407 points
Wake Effects—373.5 points

WHM Motorsports—475 points
Performance Boat Center—432 points
STIHL—385 points
Teague Custom Marine—373 points

•Superboat Extreme
Cooper Standard/Twisted Metal—475 points
AMH Construction/Instigator—452.5 points

•Superboat Vee
Sun Print—432.5 points
LSB/Hurricane of Awesomeness—427.5 points
Boatfloater.com—427.5 points

•Superboat Stock
FJ Propeller—500 points
5 Brothers Grocery—427.5 points

•Manufacturer Production 3
2nd Amendment—500 points
The Developer—427.5 points

Manufacturer Production 4
Crazy Chicken—500 points
Team Allen Lawncare—450 points

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