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Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix Update—Official Reversal of Fortune In Mod V Puts LSB First

At the end of the Mod-V class race at the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix on July 2 in Southwest Florida, the two boats that crossed the line in a photo finish both idled around the official scorer’s boat. First, the 30-foot Exreme, LSB/RevX Oil/Speed Marine, idled up to the swim platform of the yacht, but was turned away. The checkered flag was then handed to the 30-foot Phantom, Relentless/Laticrete.

Eighteen days after the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix concluded on the water, the results of the Mod-V class were officially changed making LSB/RevX Oil/Speed Marine the official winner. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

After officials from the American Power Boat Association reviewed the finish for the class, the order was reversed. The first place trophy was handed to driver Kyle Miller and throttleman Jay Wohltman in LSB/RevX Oil/Speed Marine at the Sunday evening awards presentation. Second went to the disappointed Laticrete team of driver Travis Pettko and throttleman Rob Hartmann. Owner/throttleman Steve Miklos and driver Steve Ferhman finished third in the 30-foot Extreme Sun Print.

Laticrete hadits best performance in recent memory after getting some boat setup and propeller tweaking from Charlie McCarthy of the Punisher team. Wohltman was making his debut in LSB/RevX Oil and had to get used to how the boat liked to run. On the last lap of the race, LSB/RevX Oil, made a charge and pulled alongside Laticrete, creating the photo finish.

Watching from the beach, Brit Lilly, the owner of LSB/RevX Oil, thought his team had won. “I had crew on the shore and I was watching the livestream and the guys on the boat told me they won, too,” said Lilly.

That evening, he said his team shook hands with the Relentless/Laticrete crew and each side congratulated the other on a closely contested race.

“Before the awards, we shook hands and said however this turns out, let’s be gentlemen and look good on the podium,” Lilly.

Not surprisingly, the Laticrete team was disappointed with the reversal of the decision.

“I’m not saying it wasn’t a close finish,” Hartmann said. “We won on the racecourse and the chief scorer who was on the finish boat called us first.”

Speedonthewater.com reached out to APBA  for an official statement and received the following response: “All the supporting documentation including photos and videos show LSB out front. Laticrete has been informed that if they provide supporting evidence they can protest through the Offshore Racing Commission.”

Hartmann said he was still waiting to hear from officials. “We’ve yet to receive adequate information regarding the information that was used to overturn the decision,” he said.

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