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Same Owner Selling Two Distinguished MTI Catamarans

Seabound Yachts, the New York-based boat brokerage service center owned by Jeremy Cohen, has just two MTIs listed for sale on its website at the moment. But man if they aren’t two of the most iconic MTIs ever to hit the water. Truly one-of-a-kind boats built back before the Wentzville, Mo.-headquartered manufacturer ever considered putting an outboard engine on a boat, and back when a couple of well-known performance boaters went on an automobile-inspired series of MTI builds. It’s the 2007 MTI 44 Mercedes AMG cat and the 2010 MTI 44 Z06 Corvette cat.

The one-of-a-kind Mercedes AMG-inspired 44-foot MTI built in 2007 is currently for sale. Photos courtesy Seabound Yachts

The most interesting part is that the same person owns both boats and is willing to part ways with either or both after meticulously taking care of them for the past decade and averaging an hour or two on the engines each year. Yet it’s not like Vermont’s Bruce Barry really wants to get rid of the boats he purchased, it’s more that he’d rather see them getting the use—and attention—that they deserve rather than taking up space in his shop. It helps that he owns three other boats: a Baja, a Sonic and a rather rare catamaran from Liquid Glass.

“The MTI Corvette boat was my first cat; we got it at the Barrett-Jackson auction,” said Barry, the owner of Barry’s Automotive, a transmission specialty business he started more than 40 years ago in South Burlington. “A friend of mine—Gardner Stone who has a dealership up here in Vermont—was at the auction and I thought wow wouldn’t it be cool to have that boat. So we bought it. I’ve always had boats—everything from Checkmates to Bajas, but nothing like the MTIs.”

Shortly after buying the Corvette MTI, which was powered by twin Mercury Racing dual-calibration 1200/1075 engines, the Mercedes AMG MTI originally built for Gino Gargiulo came up for sale and Barry couldn’t resist. He ended up purchasing the 44-footer, which was powered by Sterling Performance fuel-injected 1,550-hp engines with dry-sump Six drives and included a custom-painted matching Freightliner and tilt trailer. He wasn’t sure how much or how often he’d get to use the boats on Lake Champlain, but he didn’t care.

Check out the slideshow above for more images of the Corvette and Mercedes AMG boats.

“I saw the 193 mph on the side of the boat and that was all it took,” he said. “I remember when that boat was at the Miami Boat Show and was doing all the events in South Florida and elsewhere. It got a lot of attention then and it still gets a lot of it now. Both boats get tons of attention wherever we go. We really only use the MTIs during the week because the weekends are too busy.

“Lately I’ve gotten to a point where I’m not using the boats as much and they just take up a lot of space,” he added. “I’d still rather have the boats than the money for them, but I wouldn’t mind seeing someone else get to enjoy them instead. The boats are breathtaking. They’re super detailed and so powerful and fun to drive.”

And, in relative terms, they seem to be affordable, especially when you consider that they cost well above $1 million brand new.

For more information about the boats, click the links above, visit the Seabound Yachts website or call Cohen direct at 718-619-7001.

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