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Roar Offshore Fort Myers Beach Makes Cancelation Official

With Fort Myers Beach, devastated by Hurricane Ian, the Southwest Florida community has far greater concerns than the loss of an offshore powerboat race. But organizer Tim Hill took time from clearing tons of debris littering his home yesterday to make the cancelation announcement official on the event’s Facebook page.

Roar Offshore Fort Myers Beach was set to be the final race of the APBA Offshore National Championship Series. Photos by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

“The 2022 Roar Offshore Powerboat Races have been canceled,” he wrote. “I’m sorry we could not get this posted sooner—we have no electricity, cell service, water or internet. We had to drive 20 miles to receive service to post this.

“Words cannot describe the devastation we have received Southwest Florida, and especially to our beloved race course venue of Fort Myers Beach,” he continued. “Our landscape will never be the same. Every person in our community has been impacted by Hurricane Ian. Many of our hosts and sponsors businesses are gone—not damaged, physically gone. The crown jewel of Fort Myers Beach, Times Square is gone, vanished from earth.”

Roar Offshore Fort Myers Beach was heading into its third year.

Produced by the Offshore Powerboat Association, Roar Offshore Fort Myers Beach was set to be the final contest of the eight-race American Power Boat Association Offshore National Championship Series. Competition was slated for Saturday, October 8.

Hill reached out to this reporter Thursday evening.

“We watched our house become an island as the water surrounded us, but by a miracle our house survived,” Hill said, his voice cracking. “We’re luckier than many of our neighbors.”

Hill paused for a moment. “But we’re strong,” he said. “We’ll come back.”

Additional detail on ticket refunds more will be posted on the Roar Offshore Fort Myers Beach Facebook page as they become available.

“If you are trying to call to cancel hotel accommodations you may not be able to get through as there is no cell service or electricity—and the building itself may be gone,” Hill added in his Facebook post. “Please say a prayer for our sponsors, volunteers, fans and race teams affected by this life-altering storm.”

Organizers Tim and Cyndee worked tirelessly to bring Roar Offshore Fort Myers Beach to life this year.

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