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Roar at the Shore: Poker Run Bargain

This isn’t huge news, but I sure like the direction of it. Bargains of any kind are much appreciated in a down economy.

So file this under “Another Bright Idea from the New Jersey Performance Powerboat Club:” A $199 “recession buster” entry fee for its Roar at Shore Poker Run on Saturday, August 7 in Toms River, N.J.

Roughly half to one third of the cost for the average poker run, the fee includes breakfast before the event and a barbecue beach party after the run is over.

“This was called the Barnegat Bay Poker Run for many years, and it was $299,” explained Dave Patnaude, president of the NJPPC. “We had a full-blown breakfast buffet in the morning at the Lobster Shanty, and then a full-blown white tablecloth dinner at night.

“We started to see the numbers drop off year after year so we then re-invented the event as the Roar at the Shore Poker Run, and the $199 price-point was key,” he continued. “We scrapped the fancy breakfast for a Continental Breakfast at Typhoon Service Center in the morning, and then scrapped the fancy dinner for a barbecue party at night.”

The bad news? The Roar at the Shore Poker Run is limited to 40 boats. At this price, expect it to fill up quickly.