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Revolver Unveils Second Sport Cruiser

Revolver Powerboats has released the 44GT, another stylish and intriguing enclosed-cockpit/cabin performance cruiser with a power-retractable roof-and-rear-window system. The 44-footer, which made its debut overseas earlier this month, is the second innovative offering from the European builder.


The new 44GT reportedly tops 60 mph and cruises at 50 mph.

In the September/October 2013 issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine, we published an extensive hands-on review of the company’s first model called the Revolver 42. (To read the review, download that issue of the magazine at no charge, click here.) That boat was powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 662 engines and topped out at 74 mph.

While the new 44GT reportedly runs more than 60 mph and cruises easily at 50 mph, its propulsion package of twin 550-hp Cummins diesel engines and Arneson surface drives make perfect sense given the concept of the boat, which according to a description on the company’s website is an aquatic version of a Gran Turismo (hence the GT designation in its name) luxury performance automobile. The efficient propulsion package and the boat’s 317-gallon fuel capacity combine for a reported range of approximately 400 miles.

In keeping with the touring theme, the air-conditioned 44-footer is equipped with a berth area, an enclosed head locker with a shower and a complete galley with a seating area ahead of its center-console-style helm station. A remote-control unit operates the power roof-and-rear-window system, as it did with the company’s first model.

revolver44gtseatingThe builder has added all-new bucket seating at the helm station for the 44GT.

All of the 44GT’s structural elements including the hull, sole and bulkheads feature vacuum-bag construction. Lamination materials include vinylester resin and Corecell with E-glass biaxial fabric. According to the builder’s press materials, stiffeners were placed along the major structural members of the boat with unidirectional and multi-axial carbon fabric. The 44-footer’s hardtop is constructed structural carbon with exposed bulkheads.

revolver44gthelmInstrumentation at the helm station is completely digital.

Editor’s Note: Speed On The Water digital magazine will publish a hands-on review of the 44GT when it becomes available for testing in the United States. To download the September/October 2013 issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine, which featured a review of Revolver’s first 42-foot model, at no charge, click here.