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Repowered 42-foot Fountain Hits 135 MPH With More Left

Though the project took longer than expected, a 42-foot Fountain V-bottom repowered with new twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines and a new CMI exhaust system reached 135 mph in testing today—and there’s more left in it. That’s the word from Ben Robertson of BAR Marine Group in Jacksonboro, S.C., the outfit that handled the installation.

fountain42repower1350test 01

For a rear-facing camera view from today’s test session, click here or on the image above. Videos courtesy/copyright BAR Marine Group.

Robertson said that today’s conditions were less than ideal. Built in 2008, the 42-footer was loaded with 300 gallons of fuel for the morning test session in 92-degree heat—with “100-percent” humidity—and two people onboard.

“It’s not a light boat—it’s a standard 42 and it had full fuel tanks, an anchor, life vests and whole bunch of other stuff on board,” said Robertson. “I think it will be a 140-mph boat.

ountain42repower1350test 02

Fresh horses for a 42-foot sportboat built eight years ago.

“(Fountain powerboats founder) Reggie Fountain is supposed to be coming down today so we can run it together tomorrow,” he added.

Robertson said that his Sweden-based customer is pleased with the repower project, despite that it took about a month longer than anticipated. “He’s all excited,” he said. “We aren’t going to ship the boat over there till this fall because their season is over. But I am trying to get him over here to drive it. I don’t know if I’ll be able to, but I’m trying.”

ountain42repower1350test 03

For a front-facing camera view from today’s test session,click here or on the image above.

Editor’s Note: Look for additional test results and video from this project on speedonthewater.com as they become available.

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