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Reindl Building Ilmor-Powered ‘Bat Boats’


With its “One-Design Offshore Racing Experience,” a hands-on action sports adventure in which would-be powerboat racers get to run real offshore race on a closed-course, coming to Phoenix’s Firestone Raceway next year during Super Bowl XLIX week in the Arizona city, Reindl Powerboats is in the process of installing IlmorMV8 570 engines in four of its 24-footer and one of its 28-footers. Designed Ocke Mannerfelt of Sweden, the V-bottoms takes their “Bat Boat” nickname from their unusual wing-like extensions, which provide balance but do not create lift, on the aft sections of their hulls and decks.


At least six 24-foot Reindl raceboats will be powered by 570-hp Ilmor engines this season. Photo courtesy/copyright Doreen Ungarten/Lucididee Fast Boats.

“The 570 is just such a great engine package,” said Chris Reindl, the owner of the company, which has facilities in Cincinnati and Las Vegas. “We were waiting for the right engine package, and I was always planning to go with Ilmor. And the motors just look so good.”

To put the power to the water, Reindl will equip three of his 24-footers with dual-prop DPX drives from Volvo Penta and three more with Bravo Three XR drives from Mercury Marine. At this point, he’s not sure which drive he’ll install on the 28-footer.

“We plan on racing them in Class 6 of OPA (Offshore Powerboat Association) competition,” he said. “Our biggest challenge will be how to keep it from breaking out of the 70- or 75-mph—I don’t remember exactly what it is right now—speed bracket. We’ll also do a couple of SBI (Super Boat International) races including Key West.”

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Photo courtesy/copyright Doreen Ungarten/Lucididee Fast Boats