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Reggie Fountain: Still at Fountain

Caught up with Reggie Fountain, the founder, chief executive officer and president of Fountain Powerboats in Washington, N.C. Amid unconfirmed reports of his parting ways with the Fountain Powerboats, which is owned by Liberty Associates, Fountain said he is still employed by the company.

“There is no question about that—I am still employed and being paid by Fountain,” said Fountain. “There is an issue, and it’s that they’re asking me to sign a contract not to compete. I am evaluating that. That’s the only discussion about anything. Right now, it’s business as usual.

“Right now, the deal is I’m officially employed by Fountain,” he continued. “Now, we both know that nothing is certain in life but death and taxes and I’ll be sure to call you up and let you know if anything changes, but that would be highly premature at this point. Right now, there really is nothing to report.”