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Reflections from Opening Day of the 60th Annual Los Angeles Boat Show

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Hallett Boats brought four boats to the L.A. Boat Show, including a 290 Midcabin sportboat with twin Mercury Verado 300 engines.

Although I wasn’t amazed by the show—to be honest any show would struggle to impress me after my recent Miami International Boat Show experience (I don’t know if Miami is the greatest boat show in the world as I haven’t been to any shows overseas, but in terms of performance boats nothing touches it)—I did have an enjoyable time at the Los Angeles Boat Show yesterday. Between visiting with my friend Ray Lee, the publisher of Speedboat magazine, and perusing the 15 or so gorgeous go-fast boats on display, I was able to catch up with several folks I don’t see all that often. People like Scott Price and Mike Mays of CP Performance, Jerry Barron of Hallett Boats, Eric McCarthy of Teague Custom Marine and Devin Wozencraft and Tanah Kinsey of Wozencraft Insurance.

The unfortunate part is that we could have spent as much time as necessary to catch up because the foot traffic was far from overwhelming. Hopefully a sunny Southern California weekend will lure more boaters to the L.A. Convention Center on Saturday and Sunday.

Now I can’t pretend that the show is something all area performance boaters must attend—it’s nowhere near what it once was 10 years ago when if you didn’t go you felt like you were missing out. Still, there is some cool stuff to see as well as some key boat manufacturers and parts suppliers to visit with at the 60th annual show.

Of course if you want to see some of the latest and greatest in wakeboard boats, pontoons and other types of boats, you can still do that, but as far as performance boats go, the list is small—Caliber 1 Custom Boats, DCB Performance Boats, Hallett Boats, Interceptor Custom Boats and Shockwave Custom Boats.

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Check out the slideshow above for a few more images from the L.A. Boat Show. Photos courtesy Eric McCarthy and Jeff Johnston.

As most people would expect, the DCBs on display—an M29, an M35 and the all-new M35 Open Bow—are the most impressive boats at the show. But between several models from the companies mentioned above the wow factor is still there, it’s just less than it used to be when Advantage, Cobra, Conquest, Eliminator, Domn8er, LaveyCraft, Magic and more used to be a part of the show. Nordic Boats, who has been a staple in L.A., opted to not attend this year to put more efforts into next week’s 70th annual Fred Hall Show in Long Beach.

If you’re in the market for parts, several key players—CP Performance, Hardin Marine, Livorsi Marine and Teague Custom Marine—are displaying so you bring your questions. You can also look into cleaning supplies and other accessories you may need for your boat, not to mention pick up a subscription to Speedboat magazine or, if you come to the show Saturday, grab a copy of the Speed On The Water Year In Review from yours truly.

The show is open Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., and while it’s no Miami, I think it’s still worth the $15 admission ticket.

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