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Recovery Day: Tristan Garvin’s Memorable Sunday Fun Day

Growing up at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, Tristan Garvin has no doubt enjoyed her fair share of Sunday Fun Days. And while last weekend’s outing in Recovery and Lil’ Recovery—a pair of similarly painted Skater Powerboats catamarans—may not be the best Sunday she’s ever spent on the water, it’s definitely one of the more memorable ones.

sunday0616 tristan lead

Tristan Garvin gets ready to run Recovery, a 40-foot Skater with twin 1,200-hp engines. All photos courtesy Tristan Garvin

Thanks to cousins Brett Miller and Tyler Miller of Kansas, Garvin got the opportunity to spend the first Sunday in June—the day after the fourth annual Lake Race—in Recovery, the cousins’ 40-foot Skater featuring twin 1,200-hp Sterling Performance engines, as well as Lil’ Recovery, Brett’s 28-foot Skater powered by twin 300-hp Mercury Racing outboard engines.

“I had a great day on the water—the weather was nice and we had fun making our way around the lake in the matching boats,” said Garvin, who had the privilege of driving the 40-footer with Brett on the throttles and riding in the 28-footer. “Between Brett and Tyler, and Tyler’s wife, Lindsey, and their son, as well as our friends Shane (Sherman) and Melissa (Meywes), we had a real fun crew. It took some time for me to get comfortable running the 40 with Brett but eventually we were running 100 mph at some points along the lake with Shane running next to us in the 28. That was pretty cool.”

While she had never driven Recovery, Garvin said she was familiar with it because she and her husband, Tyson, rode with Brett for part of last year’s Key West Poker Run to give him both the confidence and assistance to complete his first run from Miami to Key West, Fla.

For more images of Garvin’s “Recovery” day, check out the slideshow above.

Garvin called the ride “nice” and described the run from Miami to the Florida Keys as “a little different than running the boat at the lake.” The lake, she said, admitting her comfort level with the Missouri hot spot, has so many places to explore and enjoy.

“We left Performance Boat Center, ran all the way up to Big Dick’s and then we backtracked to Captain Ron’s for lunch,” she said. “From there we buzzed back to Performance Boat Center to relax and have a drink. Then we left for Horny Toad where we sat by the pool for a while before taking the 40 back to put it on their amazing lift. After that we took the 28 to Tap & Grill Lakeside Brew Haus for a nice dinner and to watch the sunset, we drove it back to Performance Boat Center, put it on the trailer, tucked it away and then we all went our separate ways.”

Garvin estimated that they covered more than 100 miles on Sunday. And while that’s not hard to do on a weekend at the lake, she said they were able to enjoy each place they visited because they were in a couple of fast boats that could get them to the next place in a hurry.

Sounds like an enjoyable Sunday Fun Day to us. For Garvin, who has driven all types of boats from catamarans to V-bottoms to center consoles, it’s just another one to file away in the memory bank.

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