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Record-Setting Stock-Class Fleet And More On Tap Today In Sarasota

As of late yesterday afternoon, 66 boats spread across multiple classes had registered for today’s Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix in Southwest Florida. The first race of the day—and the entire live broadcast Powerboat P1 Facebook page—is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

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The APBA Offshore Championship Series returns to Florida today with the Sarasota Powerboat Grand Prix, the third event of the six-race season (click image to enlarge). Photo from the 2019 Thunder On Cocoa Beach event courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Today’s first race will feature the Classes 1 through 7, as well as the Powerboat P1 SuperStock fleet. Of those fleets, Class 5 is looking to be the largest with seven boats currently registered.

In the second race of the day, the Super Stock class will have the largest group in the entire contest with 13 teams registered—the largest turnout for the category in recent history. The Super Stock classes racers will share the racecourse with nine Pro Stock Vee teams and seven Super Vee Extreme teams. Race No. 2 is scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m.


With the 13 teams registered, the Super Stock class of outboard engine-powered catamarans will have the largest fleet of the day. 

The third race of the day will belong to the Supercat class, which has seven boats currently registered. The race is scheduled to begin at 12:30 p.m.

Two groups, Class One and Super Vee Extreme will take to the course for today’s final contest. With five boats in the mix, Class One will see its best turnout so far this season. As for Super Vee Extreme, two teams—LSB/Hurricane of Awesomeness and Instigator by Knucklehead Racing will vie for top honors. The race is scheduled to start at 2 p.m.

All start times are subject to changes based on course conditions, weather and other unforeseen circumstances. While no delays have been announced for today’s race, there currently is unstable weather including rain and thunder storms in the area.

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