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RaftUp App Announces New 911-Compatible Boating Safety Feature

RaftUp Technologies recently announced the launch of a new first-responder and 911 web safety tool called EyeRescue built in partnership with the Osage Beach Missouri Fire Department and Osage Beach 911, which services the popular Lake of the Ozarks.


With its new EyeRescue “SOS” feature, the RaftUp app does more than just connect boaters on the water.

The new technology was developed exclusively to support 911 first responders and public safety agencies, and is automatically integrated in the RaftUp mobile app, which is available for free on iPhone and Android devices and was originally created for boaters to locate cool new places and find each other while on the water.

Before, users of the RaftUp app could use the “Social SOS” feature to share their location with other nearby users, friends and family. Now, the enhanced feature allows first responders and 911 dispatch centers to receive a user’s location on the water. Additionally, once the “SOS” call has been placed using the app, boaters have greater peace of mind as they are able to follow the location of first responders in relationship to their own position.

eyerescue2“The moment I learned about RaftUp, I knew it would benefit our response time and the way that our department could help to keep boaters safe on the water,” said Jeff Dorhauer, fire chief of Osage Beach Fire Protection District on Lake of the Ozarks. “Everyone takes their phones with them everywhere now. There is no reason for someone to be stranded for hours outdoors or on the water waiting for help. And in the case of an emergency, with EyeRescue, it’s a lifesaver. Plain and simple.”

According to a press release from the Arkansas-based company, the tool enables 911 dispatchers and public safety agencies the ability to view a live map of their monitored district, receive an audible notification when an SOS is activated and begin tracking a victim’s location with all of the emergency information shared in real time. Dispatchers or mobile command units can see the location of any agency emergency responder that is operating the RaftUp App, in relation to any incident, and immediately orchestrate any resources. First responders can communicate with victims via SMS text messaging as well as send public service announcements via mobile push notifications.

The RaftUp application and its corresponding RaftUp EyeRescue tool are now live for residents and tourists on Lake of the Ozarks, and will be soon in several counties in Arkansas, such as Baxter County. According to Corey Boelkens, the founder and CEO of RaftUp, additional public service agencies and 911 first responders can set up the RaftUp SOS technology with a simple process that takes less than 10 seconds.

“I’m impressed with RaftUp’s technology, early traction and future plans,” said Thom Dammrich, president of the National Marine Manufacturers Association. “They have tremendous potential to all forms of outdoor recreation not just recreational boating.”