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Race World Offshore Streamlining Online Registration, Bringing Dunker To Clearwater

When Race World Offshore launched online event registration for its events last year, the goal was to trim what traditionally has been a face-to-face, high-touch human process. The Key West, Fla.-based organization’s Larry Bleil and Rodrick Cox were—for the most part—pleased with their inaugural effort. Still, they saw room for improvement.

Returning teams registering for the RWO contests in Clearwater and Key West will enjoy an easier and more-efficient user experience. Photos by Pete Boden from the 2019 Race World Offshore Key West Championships by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix/speedonthewater.com.

“Rodrick and his team have working been on online registration to streamline and make it more user friendly,” said Bleil. “I think teams will appreciate that when we open registration for Clearwater and Key West next week. It’s all about making the process easier and more efficient.”

In another move to make things easier for the racers, according to Bleil, RWO will offer a dunker test—a requirement for all racers competing in RWO events—in Clearwater as well as Key West, this year.

“I just talked to (Clearwater event primary organizer) Frank Chivas,” said Bleil. “Everything is looking good there. I am finishing the paperwork for Clearwater next week.”

The RWO Clearwater event will have a dunker test available for racers who need to fulfill that requirement.

With the Florida Keys having reopened on June 1 to nonresidents, Key West is coming back to life. Bleil estimated that 60 percent of the local business have resumed operations, including the hotels, which are currently limited to 50 percent occupancy. The lifeblood of Key West, tourists are returning.

“My son-in-law runs the Fury catamaran cruises,” he said. “They are limited to 50 percent of their maximum capacity, and their sunset cruises and such have been booked. The tourists are coming back. Key West is coming back.

“It’s funny,” he continued. “A local sponsor called me the other day. He spent about $10,000 last year. He told me he wants to do more this year. And that’s just one local business. The phone has been ringing off the hook with sponsors, racers and fans asking about the races this year. I already finished up the Key West paperwork and it’s with the Coast Guard. Though they don’t actually issue their permit until about a week before the race, I have been told that it’s all in good order.”

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