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Quick Take: 42’ Hyper Sonic Takes the Cape

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High-performance powerboats are relatively few and far between in the waters off Cape Cod, Mass. But with Jeff Chrzanowski’s relatively recent purchase of a 42’ Hyper Sonic powered by a staggered pair of Mercury Racing 1100 engines, the Cape Cod go-fast boat fleet grew by at least one V-bottom this spring.

On display at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show in February, the 42-footer was delivered in May to Chrzanowski, who lives in the Buzzard’s Bay area and has owned several performance-oriented V-bottoms. So far, Chrzanowski’s has “34 to 35 hours” on the stepped V-bottom’s turbocharged 1,100-hp engines. And the owner is delighted with his purchase.

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Said Chrzanowski, “I’ve had the boat for two months now and there hasn’t been a single issue.”

“Days with good water conditions are few and far between around here,” said Chrzanowski, whose last boat was a 38-footer from Formula Boats powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 525EFI engines. “This boat has good rough-water capability. I love it.

“From start to finish, working with Sonic was a great experience,” he continued. “It went from a clean sheet of paper to what I have now. I was able to work with them and interact with the guys at Sonic and that was nice. They are great guys to work with.”

At least 10 of the 42’ Hyper Sonic’s running hours were on the boat during testing near the Sonic Power Boats facility in Fort Pierce, Fla. According to Chrzanowski, that was something he insisted on and took part in—whatever bugs the boat may have had after its initial build, he wanted worked out before he brought it home.

“I told them, ‘Listen, this is the first one with the new bottom,’ ” he said. “I would rather have a boat with a handful of hours on it than something that has problems when I get home. So it probably left there with 15 hours on it. And I was OK with that. I’ve had the boat for two months now and there hasn’t been a single issue.”