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Prop Prepping For The Future


As it happens, I’m in the middle of writing a feature article on big outboards for the upcoming March/April issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine, which will go live at the end of month. That Jason Johnson, my Speedonthewater.com co-publisher/editor and I decided to limit the story to outboards starting at 350 hp speaks volumes about what’s happened to that segment of the marine power world in recent years. Back in the day (that’s old guy code for “Get off my lawn!”), a 300-hp outboard was really big. Now, well, dang, just about everybody make one of those.

Brett Anderson, the founder and owner of BBlades Professional Propellers, sees the outboard power push as a fine opportunity to meet what he—and most savvy industry observers—see as a fast-growing need. With Mercury Racing introducing its 440 R and Seven Marine adding a 627-hp monster to compliment its 557-hp beast, the demand for propellers that can make the best use of that kind of power will rise.

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