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Project Update: Broken Arrow Apache Graphics Chosen, Interior Gutted

After looking at more than 20 renderings by artist Chris Dilling of Grafik EFX, the new owner of the classic 47’ Apache Broken Arrow V-bottom selected a final version with elements from each drawing. That’s the word from Marc Jacob, the Delray Beach, Fla.-based go-fast boat and yacht broker who is managing the restoration of the 47-footer (Read the story) for his Middle East-based client.

Chris Dilling of Grafik EFX created the new look for Broken Arrow.

Chris Dilling of Grafik EFX created the new look for Broken Arrow.

“My client doesn’t want the ‘latest and greatest’ in paint technique like pearl and flake, he wants something really traditional,” said Jacob. “He wants it to be attractive, but he doesn’t want it to be flashy. Don Rossi (the painter for the project) will have his hands full, but he’s more than up to the job.”

According to Jacob Jason Ventura of Brand X Hi-Performance Marine  has gutted almost all of the boat’s interior. That includes the cockpit and the dash, as well as the primary cabin—the forward-most section of the cabin has not yet been stripped.

“We’re in the process of mocking up the dash for new gauges and the latest electronics,” said Jacob. “I’ve been going over different color vinyl with Mike at Fineline Marine Interiors. We’ve picked light colors and taupe, just traditional vinyl not the carbon fiber pattern look. As I said, my client wants to stay very traditional with interior and exterior colors.”

brokenarrowcockpithugeReady for restoration at Brand-X Hi-Performance Marine—the dash and cockpit have been completely stripped.

Jacob bought the boat on behalf of his client about a month and a half ago. Worked began two weeks later. The project deadline is August.

“There’s really no rush, but now that we have a final paint scheme we can really start moving,” said Jacob.

brokenarrowcabinhugeEverything in the 47-footer’s main cabin, including the headliner, has been removed.

Editor’s Note: Speedonthewater.com will continue to follow this project as it develops.

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