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Progress Report: Seriousoffshore 2.0

Those of you who follow my stuff—and I’m flattered and grateful you do—on Boatermouth.com and speedonthewater.com know I like to report good news on Fridays.

The good news today?

Seriousoffshore.com “2.0” is well on its way to completion. After several days of phone tag, seriousoffshore.com point man, Chris Sunkin, and I finally got a chance to circle up and discuss where we are in building what is already the best offshore powerboating forum in existence into a content-rich, online powerhouse.

Here’s where we are:

•Chris and his team are working through the requisite issues of getting the new content management software up and running for the site. After more than 10 years of working for Boats.com, I can tell you this: When it comes to the Internet, nothing happens easily. But the software team should have it wrapped within a week or two.

•Content categories including maintenance, race coverage, poker run coverage and many, many more have been identified.

•Potential contributors for those categories, which will eventually refresh daily (that’s the long-term goal, at least) have been identified and will be contacted by Chris within the next week or so.

•I have created a seriousoffshore.com style guide for potential contributors, just to help them get started and answer any basic writing questions they might have. (I’ll also be available to answer their questions online or by phone.)

We’re getting close, folks, and this project is as exciting, at least to me, as they come. There is such a wealth of expertise and talent on this board. My job is to help channel and direct that talent and expertise into written form, without taking away anyone’s voice. Of course, the message boards on seriousoffshore.com will remain the site’s foundation.

Your patience has been much appreciated. Not too long now.

Enjoy your weekend. May it find you on the water.