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Progress Report: DCB Performance Boats New M44, M28 And More

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This Lamborghini-blue DCB Performance Boats M31 catamaran is out of gelcoat and ready for interior installation and rigging.

Zero downtime so far this year—that’s the word from Tony Chiaramonte and Jeff Johnston at DCB Performance Boats in El Cajon, Calif. Here’s a quick look at what DCB has—in addition to daily planning for the upcoming Desert Storm Poker Run in Lake Havasu City Ariz., in early May—on its plate.

M44 In Paint

DCB’s largest model to date, the first new M44 catamaran is being painted by Mark Morris and his crew at Visual Imagination in Peculiar, Mo. That’s the good news. The not-so-good—or at least other-than-planned—news is that the 44-footer, which will be powered by power-adjustable Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines, likely won’t be completed in time for a Desert Storm debut. Said Johnston, “We’re trying our best. I think we have about a 25-percent chance of the boat being done in time.”

M28 In Gelcoat

DCB’s smallest M-Series model to date, the first new M28 is in gelcoat and should be rigged with twin Mercury Racing Verado 400R outboard engines in four to five weeks. Said Chiaramonte, “We already have four done deals for the first four M28s with Verado 400Rs.”

“Lambo Blue” M31 Out Of Gelcoat

Chiaramonte and Johnston confessed to “not being too sure” how an M31 with a “Lamborghini blue and black” color scheme was going to turn out, but said they were “blown away” by the finished product. Now that the 31-footer’s gelcoat graphics are complete, it’s ready for installation and rigging with Mercury Racing 700SCi engines. The boat should be finished in four to five weeks.

Another Verado 400R-Powered M29 For Shogren

Scheduled to be finished with rigging and interior installation in about a week, another DCB 29-foot outboard-powered catamaran has been produced for sales representative Scott Sjogren. The boat reportedly is headed for a buyer in Canada.

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