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Profile: Fountain 34 SC Foreshadows New Center Console Series

You won’t find the 34 SC on the current Fountain Powerboats website—that’s how new it is. But last month in Washington, N.C., we spent a little time in the performance-styled 34-footer powered by a pair of Mercury Marine Verado 400 outboard engines. And save for the low-40-degree temperatures on the Pamlico River, we couldn’t have enjoyed the experience any more.

fountain34sc 60A

Sitting pretty on the Pamlico River, the Fountain 34 SC is the first offering in what will be a series of sporty center consoles (click image to enlarge). Photos by Mark Spencer courtesy/copyright Fountain Powerboats/Iconic Marine Group.

The “SC” designation is shorthand for “Sport Console,” and the 34 is first model in the series that will be expanded to larger Fountain offerings in the near future. The Sport Console line will fit neatly between Bluewater Sport series of center consoles, which tend to be equipped for fishing, and its newer NX line of luxurious, social-platform oriented center consoles that came to life two years ago at the Miami International Boat Show.

Fountain outfitted the first 34 SC with relatively docile twin Mercury Marine Verado 400 outboards, though Mercury Racing 450R, 400R and 300R outboard packages will be offered. But the key to the SC series is sportboat-inspired styling. From its fiery red-and-black paintjob to its plush quad-bolster setup, the SC 34 looks and feels like a performance-bred offering. Color-matched upholstery and SeaDek flooring carry the boat’s performance look and feel into its interior.

Check out the slideshow above to enjoy more images of the Fountain 34 SC.

With Fountain’s Billy Moore at the all-glass helm station, we ran the 34-foot, fuel-filled beauty to 58 mph. The GPS recall showed 60 mph. Based on its precise handling manners—the 34 SC is a flat-out agile turn-carver—we’d love to see what the boat could do with a pair of 450Rs or more on the transom.

We’d also love to see a 38-footer powered by triple or quad 450Rs dressed in the SC package. We’re sure we will sometime in 2020. In the meantime, the 34-foot version is a sweet start to what’s likely to be a successful center console series.

fountain34sc 50A

From any angle, the 34 SC is an attractive boat (click to enlarge).

Editor’s note: A complete feature on the Fountain 34 SC will appear in the November/December issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine.

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