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Profile: Donzi 41 GTZ—Day Boat With Attitude

How would you define a day boat? From our perspective, it has to be something you could comfortably spend an entire day on board. That means excellent seating, open space, lots of stowage and even shade when needed are essentials. Creature comforts are paramount, as are ride quality and reliability.

donzi41gtz 50A

In the new 41 GTZ, Donzi has one smoking-hot day boat on its hands (click image to enlarge).

By those standards, the new-for-2020 Donzi Marine 41 GTZ powered by triple Mercury Racing 400R engines is one hell of a day boat, and a particularly sexy, performance-oriented one at that. Forget for a moment that is has enough punch to top 80 mph, handles seamlessly and has enough heft and deadrise to tackle sloppy water. Forget that it boasts signature Donzi styling mystique.

First and foremost, a day boat has to be a social platform. To that end, the Washington, N.C., builder equipped the 41 GTZ with six swiveling high-bucket seats. So when the boat isn’t underway and there’s no need for everyone to be facing forward, everyone can face inward and chat. Aft of those tall buckets are rear-facing contoured sun lounges. And every seat in the boat is plush and inviting. There simply isn’t a bad seat in the house.

The first iteration of the 41-footer, the 41 GT was equipped with two outboards and no hardtop. According to multiple sources at the company, triple outboards and a hardtop always were part of the plan for the boat. The new and reportedly lightweight top for the 41 GTZ takes swept-forward styling cues from the wakeboard boat world with a black anodized frame supporting a tinted acrylic roof and provides welcome shade for the entire cockpit. The exceptions to this are the rear-facing sun lounges.

donzi41gtz 60A

With triple Mercury Racing 400R outboards, the Donzi 41 GTZ tops 80 mph (click image to enlarge).

A center walkway between those lounges starts at the helm station and finishes at the rear swim platform ahead of the outboards. SeaDek surfacing throughout the cockpit sole will help keep swimmers from slipping and sliding after they re-board from a dip.

As for stowage, it’s pretty much everywhere you look—but neatly hidden in the 41-footer’s in-sole and gunwale lockers. Though the cabin is large enough to use as a changing room, it has stowage spaces and if needed could function as one giant locker of its own.

For a closer look at the Donzi 41 GTZ check out the slideshow above.

More than a few folks scratched their head at the Donzi 41 GT when it was released last year. To be fair, it was underpowered and not a completely finished product. (To be equally fair, the late Joe Curran of Donzi’s parent company Iconic Marine Group took pains to say the 41-footer was a prototype from the day it hit the water.) The 41 GTZ, on the other hand, is ready to roll.

And ready to roll for an entire day on the water.

Editor’s note: Look for a comprehensive support on the Donzi 41 GTZ in the upcoming January/February issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine.

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