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Pro Marine RC Hitting it Out of the Park

Between the soon-to-be-released 33 Phantom SV RC modeled after the successful Phantom Boats raceboat and the twin-engine, outboard-powered edition of the Pro Marine RC Skater Widebody to follow, Micheal Stancombe is staying quite busy with the “hobby” he started about a year ago.

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Mark Godsey has been enjoying his new toy—a Pro Marine RC MTR designed to resemble Project Mayhem, his 38-foot MTI catamaran.

Keeping up with the demand of his Indianapolis-based company’s Skater Widebody and MTR models has provided plenty of work on its own, especially since Stancombe has been fielding international calls and will have some dealers set up in other countries soon, but the addition of new models and the iterations of others has him running full throttle. The thing is, that’s where he prefers to be, which is no surprise considering his racing pedigree.

“It’s definitely gone from a part-time thing to a full-time thing, but I’m not complaining—I mean I get to play with toy boats every day,” said Stancombe, a nightclub and restaurant owner who teamed up with his father, George, for many years on the offshore racecourse. “We have some cool stuff in the works, too, including a limited-edition Summer Richardson Skater that will be painted like Summer’s Shootout boat and have a pleasure boat cockpit with instrumentation panels, seats, a smoked windshield and a steering wheel. We’re doing 200 of them and we expect it to be a popular model.”

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