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Pretty Pro: Stancombe Taking RC Boat Business to Next Level

The news that Micheal Stancombe, the son of the venerable father-and-son Peppers offshore racing team, is selling radio-controlled raceboats isn’t news if you pay much attention to the OSO forums or speedonthewater.com (read the story). Heck, some of you may already have your “toy” from Pro Marine RC in hand or on order. But the story keeps getting better.

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Micheal Stancombe and his girlfriend Cassie Kerns show off the Pro Marine RC Skater Widebody at the Key West Poker Run. Photo courtesy Florida Powerboat Club (click image to enlarge).

In a little more than a year, the 48-year-old nightclub and restaurant owner from Indianapolis went from offshore boat racer turned RC boat hobbyist with a fleet of customized mini catamarans to full-fledged business owner with one of the hottest items on many performance boaters’ wish lists—a 32-inch-long Skater Powerboats 10-inch-wide catamaran that’s available in two custom graphics designed by the talented Stephen Miles of Stephen Miles Design. Stancombe said Douglas Marine’s Peter Hledin didn’t hesitate to give him permission to use the Skater name and logo either.

Priced at a little less than $600, the Pro Marine RC Skater Widebody has been well received. According to Stancombe, who teamed up with the Florida Powerboat Club and speedonthewater.com to show off the boats during the Key West Poker Run and offshore world championships in Key West, Fla., he is nearly sold out of his initial purchase order. Fortunately, Pro Marine RC will have its second model—the 34-inch MTR cat featuring a different hull and cockpit design—available in two weeks.

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