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Powerboaters Snowmobile Rally: Who’s Ready To Ride With Doc And Friends?

In a little more than two months, offshore racers and performance boat enthusiasts from different parts of the country (and from other countries) are going to be saddling up for another fun-filled few days in and around Saratoga, Wyo., as part of the eighth annual Powerboaters Snowmobile Rally hosted by Saratoga Hot Springs Resort and former offshore racing world champion Dr. Michael “Doc” Janssen, a renowned physician from Colorado who specializes in spine care and resolutions. And there’s still time to be a part of it if interested.

Dr. Michael Janssen (right) can’t wait to host some boating friends at his hot springs resort in Saratoga, Wyo., in late January. Several offshore racers, including (from left) Reese Langheim, Bill Allen, Tyler Miller and Billy Mauff, attended the 2021 Powerboaters Snowmobile Rally and had a blast. Photo by Lindsey Miller.

Last year speedonthewater.com did a story before the event in which New York-based world champion offshore racer Billy Mauff guaranteed everyone who attended would have a great time. It turns out he was correct since nobody called him out to pay for their trip. And, once the feature story hit in Issue No. 46 of Speed On The Water magazine, several readers commented about their desire to attend the event the following year.

So if any of you are serious about wanting to head to Wyoming to go ride the frozen water with notable performance boaters such as Burton Kirsten, Nate Michel or Adam Seraphine and offshore racers such as Bill Allen, Reese Langheim or Tyler Miller, now is the time to sign up for the event, which takes place Jan. 27-30 and includes a snowmobile poker run, evening entertainment with themed parties, gourmet meal options, natural hot springs, spa services and much more.

Honestly, don’t wait or it will sell out and you’ll have to instead decide whether you want to attend one of the other two snowmobile events hosted by Janssen and the resort—the Without Limits Invitational Poker Run (Feb. 24-27) and the St. Patrick’s Day Sled & Soak Celebration (March 17-20)—or wait until the 2023 Powerboaters Snowmobile Rally.

If you’re interested in attending the event, call 307-326-5261 or email [email protected].

And, in case you need more motivation, here’s what a few attendees said about the January 2021 Powerboaters Snowmobile Rally.

“Riding a snowmobile is a lot of fun. I used to race motocross so I got the hang of it quick enough to get on and feel the speed. My favorite part was getting off the trails and into the powder. We had a blast snowmobiling with Doc. Since we didn’t really have any races in 2020, it was nice for so many of us to get together through Doc’s event. The camaraderie felt like a boat race. Someone was always willing to help if you got stuck or broke something.”
—Kansas’ Tyler Miller, owner/throttleman M CON Supercat-class Skater

“The event always features a good group of people who we mostly know from the powerboating world, outside of the powerboating world. And Doc Janssen and his staff, they’re just awesome. They make it easy. I actually keep my snowmobile there.”
—Florida’s Randy Sweers, owner/managing partner FB Marine Group

“Doc goes out of his way to make sure everyone has a good time no matter where he is. They don’t make people like Doc anymore. He’s a great guy and the whole snowmobile rally is a sensational event.”
—New York’s Billy Mauff, owner/driver WHM Motorsports Supercat-class Skater

“Hanging out with Doc is like, well I don’t even know how to describe it. He has a lot of energy—the guy never sleeps—and he knows how to have fun and make sure everyone has a good time. I don’t know how he does it.”
—Michigan’s John Tokar, owner Kahuna Outerlimits SV 43

Kansas-based performance boaters Tyler and Lindsey Miller (left) had a memorable first-time snowmobile outing earlier this year thanks to damaged sleds (right), getting lost in the Snowy Mountain Range and the company of their friends, which included Sara Langheim and June Mauff (left and right of Lindsey, center) and their husbands, Reese and Billy, and most importantly, their host, Doc Janssen.

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