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Powerboat1.com Adds Segment To LS Engine Conversion Series

To kick off what they plan to build into an ever-expanding video library for do-it-yourself for powerboat owners, the people at Powerboat1.com started with the conversion of a 2001 Vortec 5.3-liter LS engine for marine use. The project is relatively extensive, which is why Rick Bourns, the video host of Powerboat1.com and the project and research leader for CP Performance, have broken it into simple stages.

Click this link to watch the newest video in the Powerboat1.com  LS conversion series.

Titled “Installing The Coils and Spark Plugs,” the most recent segment of the now-four-part series went live late last week. Like all of the other installments, it is easy to follow and engaging.

“In this segment, Powerboat1.com shows you how to install the latest offerings from MSD, one of the leaders in performance ignition systems,” said Bourns. “The installation includes MSD Blaster coils as well as 8.5 Superconductor play-wires on the popular General Motor LS-based engine assembly.

“This is yet another example of Powerboat1.com leading do-it-yourself powerboat enthusiasts to easily tackle projects on their own,” said Bourns. “And there’s much, much more to come.”

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