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Powerboat1.com Adds EFI-To-Carb Swap In LS Engine Conversion Video Series

In the latest installment of its video-based series focused on converting a General Motor LS automotive engine for marine applications, the crew at Powerboat1.com tackles the first steps in replacing its electronic fuel injection system with a carbureted setup. The video focuses on installing the intake manifold.

Powerboat1.com continues its LS engine conversion series with a new segment focused on manifold installation.

“In this episode, we actually go against the grain and remove the fuel injection,” said Rick Bourns, the video host of Powerboat1.com and project and research leader for CP Performance. “We take a page out of the hot-boat world and retrofit a Holley carburetor to the engine.

“Now before you ask,  “Why you would anyone go to a carbureted engine from an EFI engine?’—and that’s a fair question—keep in mind this power package will likely find itself replacing a previously carbureted old-school engine package,” he continued. “The carbureted LS version allows the boat to retain its cool hot rod-like performance styling while enjoying the reliability of modern, lighter-weight, improved-efficiency engine architecture,” he added.

The next installment in the series focus on identifying the correct driveline and bell housing for the installation.

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