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Powerboat Transport Services Expanding Stateside

Internationally renowned powerboat transportation and shipping firm Peters & May is making a domestic push into the powerboat racing market. Most recently, noted offshore racer Gary Ballough used the outfit to transport his race boats to and from the World Professional Powerboat Association and its Middle Eastern X-Cat Racing Series, according to a press release from Peters & May USA, which has offices in Chicago and Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

So what in heaven’s name does this have to with the average go-fast boat owner? Absolutely nothing, as the service provided by Peters & May is for the highest of the high end.

However, in addition to commercial clients such as Viking, Sunseeker and Ski Nautique, the company does offer shipping and transportation to private individuals. That means private clients—of serious means—can use the company to get their boats anywhere in the world.

I know it’s a little esoteric and way beyond the reach of the everyday performance-boat owner. On the other hand, just yesterday I reported on four new 50-foot-long, turbine-powered catamarans in production at Mystic Powerboats. And if you can afford a 50-foot Mystic, you can probably afford to ship it to, let’s say, Italy or the south of France for your next vacation. And Peters & May has the kind of impeccable reputation you want from a company transporting such exotic creations.