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Positive Observations

Early last week Justin Humphrey of Positive Trim—a relatively new boating lifestyle apparel company in Southern California—asked me if I’d mind sharing the new Positive Trim video that he recently released following a video and photography shoot on July 3 in Lake Havasu City, Calif. I clicked on it thinking I’d drop it up on the speedonthewater.com Facebook page and be done with it.

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Two models enjoy the afternoon on Lake Havasu during the Positive Trim promotional shoot. Photo by Tom Leigh/Tommy Gun Images

Well I was wrong. The well-produced two-minute, 18-second video caught my eye and I wanted to learn more about what went into the classy video that mixed boats, babes and brand awareness so well. In all honesty, I was fairly surprised with the production value compared to a lot of content that gets sent my way, so I asked some questions and got a few answers.

First, the video was produced by Carter Bahde of Havasu Media Productions and the photographer in the video—the one responsible for the images in this story—was Lake Havasu ace cameraman Tom Leigh of Tommy Gun Images. The owner of the sport outboard-powered DCB Performance Boats Mach F26 catamaran was Tim Miller, who works at Maxed Out Marine in Lake Havasu, and the models were two of Humphrey’s friends.

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