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Plantation Boat Mart Has All-New Deep Impact 369 And More Ready For FPC Miami Boat Show Poker Run

Since working out an agreement to become the exclusive worldwide dealer for Deep Impact Custom Boats and BlackWater Boats late last summer, the team at Plantation Boat Mart & Marina in Tavernier, Fla., has been extremely busy selling new and used boats and taking orders for the luxury performance center consoles that fit in nicely with the dealership’s other offerings from Invincible, Sea Hunt and more.

Starting tomorrow, Plantation Boat Mart is going to have this new Deep Impact 369 on display in its Miami Boat Show Poker Run exhibit. Photos courtesy Plantation Boat Mart

The somewhat new partnership is going to be on full display this week during the Florida Powerboat Club’s Miami Boat Show Poker Run exhibit in Key Largo, Fla., as Plantation Boat Mart will have its latest Deep Impact 369 powered by triple Mercury Racing 400R engines on display at Gilbert’s Resort along with two other customer boats, a 36-foot BlackWater and a 43-foot BlackWater.

“We just picked up the new 369 and it’s incredible,” said Dennis De La Torre, the dealership’s director of sales and service. “We can’t wait for everyone to see it. It’s sistership, a 399 purchased by the same owners, is coming soon, too. We’re excited to do the poker run and have a display in the poker run village to promote the relationship between Plantation and BlackWater and Deep Impact.”

De La Torre, who owns and operates the full-service facility, said the company is going to have a an on-land display with several models sporting the company’s new bikinis from Hülya Swim.

“There’s no other way to get one of our boats—we’re exclusive with Plantation Boat Mart and we’re thrilled to have everything in one spot,” said Mark Fischer, a longtime performance boater who owns Deep Impact and BlackWater. “We’ve never had a full-service facility like Plantation to support our customers. Because of the Plantation team’s knowledge and experience in sales and service, we feel like that puts us over the top. They really know how to treat a customer.

“We’re very excited about the future with Dennis and the rest of the team,” he continued. “Dennis brings a wealth of knowledge in terms of building boats and what customers want from their boats thanks to his experience with Hydrasports Custom Boats and HCB Yachts. His input on the upcoming Deep Impact 499 and its bottom design, which is derived from the 399, has been invaluable. We also have a couple of new boats coming from BlackWater that he’s been providing feedback on.

The new 369 sold through Deep Impact’s exclusive dealer Planation Boat Mart is powered by triple Mercury Racing 400R engines.

De La Torre said he can’t wait to get his hands on the new Deep Impact 499.

“In terms of performance, you can’t beat the Deep Impact 399,” De La Torre said. “And it’s more than just speed. The overall handling and rough-water capabilities are exceptional. I’d put that boat up against any competitor’s boat—and we’re expecting the 499 to be exactly the same. We’re redoing the transom a little to accommodate five engines. It’s going to be a big boat, but it’s not going to be a slug.

“The new BlackWaters—we’re updating the 41 and working on a new 50-footer—are going to be just as incredible,” he continued.

Both Fischer and De La Torre said it’s been refreshing to do business together because they’ve been friends for many years. They added that the partnership has been simple, easy and a benefit to everyone involved, most importantly the BlackWater and Deep Impact customers.

“I feel like the biggest thing we have going for us is that we have a sales team that brings such a personal, caring approach,” Fischer said. “The convenience and friendliness of the Plantation facility is a huge advantage as well.”

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