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Plan On Key West

I have a love-love relationship with Key West, Fla., a place I’ve visited more than 20 times during first full week of November. After a year away, I always love revisiting the place.

And after a week there, I absolutely love leaving it.

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With or without a large raceboat fleet, a visit to the city at the end of the road during the first full week in November is worthwhile for any high-performance powerboating fan (click image to enlarge). Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

Key West can be a little overwhelming and—at least if you’re there to work—more than a little distracting. As a matter of self-preservation, I tend to hide from the nightly madness of Duval Street in favor of quiet dinners with friends and colleagues. As noted above, I’m there to work.

Jason Johnson, my fellow speedonthewater.com co-publisher and offshoreonly.com contributor, and I will be there this year to cover the offshore powerboat races, which will be produced for the first time by Race World Offshore. Despite the unfortunately prolonged uncertainty earlier this year about which organization—the Offshore Powerboat Association and Powerboat P1, Race World Offshore and Super Boat International—would be awarded the five-year contract for the three-race-day event, that always was our plan.

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