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Pilini’s Next Medley

Benefitting from more than 35 years of experience in the performance boat industry, Jay Pilini of Pilini Marine Technologies in Clearwater, Fla., has developed a solid reputation. For those who don’t know Pilini, which likely isn’t many of you, he founded both Motion Powerboats and Spectre Powerboats in the ’80s and ’90s, and at the moment he’s got his hands full with boat service and sales—the sales coming in the form of the Spectre by Pilini 24- and 35-foot center consoles as well as an upcoming Pilini Marine Technologies 34 XCS catamaran.

pilini34xcs sotw

The new 34 XCS catamaran from Pilini Marine Technologies is coming together nicely. Photo courtesy Jay Pilini

And while everyone wants to know about the cat—that is after all Pilini’s forte—he doesn’t want to share too many details too early. By no means is he being guarded, he just wants to leave the finished product expectations to everyone’s imagination. Currently the hull mold received its final coats of wax this week and Pilini is ready to lay up hull No. 1 and pop it from the mold at about the same time as the deck mold is completed.

He said he’s excited about the new 34-foot cat, which has a 10-foot beam, a five-step sponson design and a race-proven lightweight Kevlar/Carbon/Corecel composite construction, but he knows the variation of offerings—center consoles and catamarans, not to mention renovation projects and service work—are what is going to keep him in business.

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