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Photo Gallery: Faces Of The Erie Poker Run

A week ago today, the Erie Poker Run in Pennsylvania had the best outing in its seven-year history. The weather gods smiled on the 28 boats that made it to the calm waters of Lake Erie. Under blue skies all day, the waterway was as close to being a pond as it ever gets.

A couple of well-known characters in the high-performance powerboating community, New York’s Nolan Ferris (left) and Kelly O’Hara were among the smiling faces at last weekend’s Erie Poker Run group. Photos courtesy/copyright Devin Wozencraft.

As it happens, Devin Wozencraft has seen a lot of Lake Erie in the past few weeks, starting with the Lake Erie Offshore Performance Association Thunderfest Poker Run in late July. From there, it was off to the Erie Poker Run—produced by Anthony Scioli of Elite Poker Runs, LLC—for the high-performance marine insurance man.

As always, Scioli’s event attracted a fun-loving group of mostly returning participants and sponsors, but there were a couple of newcomers including sponsor Jeremy Cohen of Seabound Yachts of Clayton, N.Y. Like Wozencraft, Cohen has been on the road hard this summer following the event circuit. Like Wozencraft, he knows the value of getting some face-time with his customers.

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And as you can see from Wozencraft’s gallery above, there were plenty of smiling faces—on and off the water—in Erie last Saturday.

Another newcomer to the Erie event, go-fast boating event auctioneer and high-energy charisma bomb Nolan Ferris was so happy to be there that he gave Wozencraft’s 30-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran a morning wash.

“When your insurance guy gives you great service, you try to repay him when he wakes up late,” Ferris said, then laughed.

Since day one seven years ago, Erie-based David and Nicole Weschler (center) have supported Scioli’s event in their hometown.

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