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Second M37R Cat Highlights Casual DCB Gathering

Forced to cancel their annual Owners Regatta in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., DCB Performance Boats’ Tony Chiaramonte, Jeff Johnston, Paul Miler and their crew changed plans and made the best out of a tough situation this weekend. Though they couldn’t legally hold the official regatta in the waterfront desert city due to COVID-19 restrictions, according to Johnston, they had an informal gathering on the Colorado River yesterday.

DCB’s second M37R Widebody catamaran is officially red-hot. Photos by Jeff Johnson copyright DCB Performance Boats.

“We did a casual progression through ‘the channel’ with (DCB client) Mauricio Vivanco leading the fleet,” Johnston said. “Then we all went up to Pirate Cove Resort for lunch.

“I think we had more than 50 boats,” he added. “We had a great turnout.”

The night before, special guests of the El Cajon., Calif., company were treated to a showing of the second DCB M37R Widebody catamaran, which is owned by Canadian Brad Macaulay, a longtime DCB customer. (The 37-footer is his third new DCB build.) Hosted by Rick Holloway of the Islander RV Resort and Island Mancaves, the invitation-only event ran from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., which gave guests plenty of time to admire Macaulay’s molten-red beauty.

For more images of the second DCB M37R check out the slideshow above.

“We took over Rick’s Mancave and served cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres for three hours,” Chiaramonte said. “There must have been 150 people there.

“Between Friday and today, I think I sold five more M37Rs,” he continued. “If we get three more deposits, that will bring the number ‘officially’ sold to 13 so far.”

The company introduced its first M37R during the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout in August. Owned by Southern California’s Kris and Shelby Hansen, the predominantly white 37-footer powered by two Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines reached 120 mph with DCB’s Chiaramonte behind the wheel. But this was the first exhibit, albeit private, for the second M37R.

Check out the slideshow above to enjoy images from this weekend’s casual gathering of DCB owners on Lake Havasu.

Yet the smoldering new-model was just one element of a gathering of the DCB faithful.

“After the run to Pirate Cove, we came back down and went through the channel,” Chiaramonte said. “About 15 of us decided to raft-up on Thompson Bay and hang out till sunset. It was a beautiful get-together—no pressures, no hassle, just DCB family. That’s what it’s all about.”

Added Johnston, “We had an epic weekend with our amazing customers.”

Even with their official regatta called for 2020, the DCB faithful made the best of a weekend with a casual day on the water.

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