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Photo Essay: Scenes From The Fifth Annual Big Boat Bash

With 36 boats in the fleet, the Big Boat Bash last weekend on Beaver Lake in Rogers, Ark., didn’t boast the largest fleet in the five-year history of the event. The daylong run typically attracts 50-plus entries But that didn’t stop attendees from enjoying a Friday night street celebration followed by a fine Saturday on the water and a catered dinner.

And it was all for a good cause, raising money for Sheep Dog Assistance Impact, a nonprofit services organization for veterans and first responders.

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Last weekend’s fifth annual Big Boat Bash raised a record-setting $20,000 for charity (click image to enlarge). Photos courtesy/copyright Kevin Johns/Instant Memories.

As in years past, the event was produced by the Beaver Lake Performance and Powerboat Association. Backers included Twin Peaks Rogers, a sports bar that served as home base and provided food for participants, and Wozencraft Insurance Agency.

Despite the lower-than-usual turnout, fundraising was up this year.

“The event netted $20,00 after expenses,” said Brian Buckminster, the Big Boat Bash lead organizer. “That’s up $5,000 from last year. I can live with that.

Check out the slide show above for more images from the 2019 Big Boat Bash.

“We were down in attendance with 10-ish regular who had broken down (before the event weekend),” he continued. “I also feel like we were late to the table promoting the event and getting info out to potential attendees. I’m sure most of them plan their summer schedules early. We are meeting in two weeks in an attempt to prevent that issue next year.”

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