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Photo Essay: Scenes From The Emerald Coast

No one is more excited to return to producing poker runs than Stu Jones of the Florida Powerboat Club. Forgetting all the friends he’s made for the past 28 years, all the memories he’s helped make and all the boats his events have helped sell, poker runs are—after all—his business. And 2020 has by far been the roughest year for everyone working in that business.

With almost six months since the last event, Florida Powerboat Club members were glad to get back on the water. Photos by Ryan Christen courtesy/copyright Florida Powerboat Club

So he more than welcomed getting back to work with last weekend’s Emerald Coast Poker Run based in the Destin, Fla., area.

Jones has been through his ups and downs with his Emerald Coast event, which he formerly ran in concert with the Emerald Coast Foundation. In recent years, his for-profit poker-run business model didn’t mesh well with the foundation’s for-charity model, so the two organizations parted ways before last year’s event.

To enjoy more images from last weekend’s Emerald Coast Poker Run check out the slideshow above.

With 70 boats registered, the four-day 2020 FPC Emerald Coast happening marked a solid return to the game. And Jones and company didn’t not have to battle the weather, which has been challenging in years past.

You can catch all the details in our coverage, which went live earlier this week before we had this collection of images from photographer Ryan Christen. Christen did a bang-up job with the multiple shoots, and you’ll see for yourself.

For our part, it’s great to see the Florida Powerboat Club back in action. Welcome back, Mr. Jones.

Florida Powerboat Club shooter Ryan Christen flew several missions off the Emerald Coast last weekend.

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