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Photo Essay: Exceptional Nor-Tech Fleet Tackles 30th Anniversary Edition Fun Run

With an official count of 35 boats, yesterday’s Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats 30th Anniversary Fun Run may well translated to the most Nor-Tech models ever gathered in one place at one time. The predominantly center-console fleet included everything from longtime Nor-Tech salesman Terry’s Sobo’s 2012-built 39-footer to a flawless 50-foot creation ordered through Midwest Boating Center and delivered to Jesse and Stephanie Neumann of Minnesota earlier this year.

Standing out in a fleet of Nor-Tech center consoles isn’t easy, but this beautiful 390 pulled it off. Photos by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

“I’m not sure, but I think this fleet is the biggest one we’ve had anywhere,” said Sobo told me as we idled out of Tarpon Pointe Marina for the run that began with a lunch stop at Useppa Island, followed by a raft-up at Boca Grande.

Equally impressive? The number of Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines on Nor-Tech transoms. I counted more than a dozen center consoles equipped with the supercharged V-8 outboards before I decided to give up counting and simply enjoy the ride.

The first 460 Flyer turned heads all day.

“It was amazing to see 35 Nor-Tech’s all leaving together from the Westin Cape Coral with two photo helicopters following them,” said Henrik Margård, the company’s vice-president of manufacturing. “And we had 190 people for lunch at Useppa Island, which delivered yet another wonderful experience.”

“That’s the most intelligent crowd I’ve ever seen at a run,” Peter Roberts of Canada-based Double R Performance said, then laughed. “Everyone purchased the right brand of boat.”

Based on the bounty of 450R outboard powering its models in the fun run, it’s obvious that business for the Fort Myers, Fla, company has been booming for at least the last couple of years. But the boom goes much deeper than that. Since introducing its first 39-footer in 2009, Nor-Tech has built hundreds of center consoles and—in the process—reinvented itself.

Though the 450 Sport and new 500 Sport have received a lot of attention of late for good reason, the 390 remains the Nor-Tech’s bread-and-butter model.

Check out the slideshow above for more images from the Nor-Tech 30th Anniversary fun run to Useppa Island.

“At least 50 percent of what goes out the doors are still 390s,” said Sobo.

And that made a whole lot of sense based on the number of 390s that followed us through the channel to the docks at Useppa Island. Sobo, who’s triple Mercury Verado 300-powered 390 was among the least powerful boats in the fleet, knew a shortcut that got us in ahead of most of the fleet.

More than a few Nor-Tech dealers hinted that there’s more to come. I didn’t push for more detail. When Nor-Tech wants me to know, I’ll know.

Instead, as I did for much of the day, I decided to simply enjoy the ride and watch the Nor-Tech 30th Anniversary Show reach a beautiful finale on the water.

Nor-Tech wrapped up its 30th anniversary celebration in the best possible way—on the water.

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