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Photo Essay: Mike Fiore Tribute Truck

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In memory of Outerlimits’ founder Mike Fiore, Jared Horowytz put together this Ford F-350 tribute truck

With the annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout concluded just two days ago, more than a few people have Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats founder Mike Fiore, who died three days after sustaining severe injuries during the 2014 Central Missouri event, on their minds. A longtime admirer of Fiore’s whose family owned Outerlimits sportboats (read the story), 24-year-old Jared Horowytz of Bergen County, N.J., dedicated himself to building a truck in tribute to his fallen hero. That Ford F-350 truck was on scene during Poker Runs America’s Memorial Poker Run in New Jersey last month, one of two fundraising events (the second was hosted by the Performance Boat Club of Canada) for Fiore’s children held on the same day.

For a closer look at Horowytz’s Mike Fiore/Outerlimits tribute truck, check out the slideshow above. Photos courtesy/copyright Joe DeMartino/Speedonthewater.com

“My goals for the truck were to capture and reflect Mike’s eye for detail,” Horowytz wrote in an email to speedonthewater.com. “When I started the build I wanted to incorporate the Outerlimits name into the truck. I started off the front end with a bumper from Fusion Bumpers and sponsored by Johnny Ramirez. His bumpers are rugged and mean, but they have smooth lines that me remind me of Mike’s boats. I know Mike loved doing LEDs on his boats so I had headlights made to match the truck with ‘Outerlimits’ engraved in them so when the ‘Demon Eyes’ light up in the night you can see the name. I added a ram-air hood to help the engine breathe and I got fuel-forged custom-cut wheels. And of course, I put Outerlimits on the side of the truck. When you open the doors, the door sills illuminate with Outerlimits—it’s pretty cool.

“It’s sad how many times I’ve gone to my phone to call Mike but then I remember he’s no longer with us,” he continued. “I stayed at his customer Pete Mazzo’s house for the memorial run in New Jersey—I’d met him once or twice, but not like not this. It was great meeting Pete and other Outerlimits owners. They all had crazy stories about their time with Mike. For me, he was a great person to be around and a great mentor. He was an innovator. He always took things to the next level. I will never forget Mike, and I don’t think anyone out there could ever fill his shoes.”

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