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Phase05 Super Stock Cat Getting Total Makeover

Super Stock-class offshore racers and fans were sorry to learn that the 2018-formed Killer Bee team was exiting the sport after less than two full seasons. The New York-based, father-and-daughter cockpit duo of Jim and Lindsey Denooyer made for a compelling storyline and their new 32-foot Doug Wright catamaran—painted by Doug Harrell and rigged by Grant Bruggemann—was one of the prettiest boats in the sport.

phase05speed 01

Formerly Killer Bee, Al Penta’s Phase05 raceboat will have a new look for the 2020 season (click image for full frame).

The 32-footer didn’t sit on the market for long. Al Penta, a Connecticut-based businessman in the advertising and print industries who offshore racing fans will know from his Phase05 Pro Stock V-class campaign, bought the boat a little more than three months ago.

Though a roll-over during the 2018 Super Boat International Offshore World Championships in Key West, Fla., didn’t damage the cat structurally, Penta and his crew have spent significant time cleaning up the salty aftermath at the team’s dedicated race shop.

The focus now for the Phase05 team is changing up the boat’s graphics. 

“It should be completely done in three weeks,” said Penta. “Then we can move onto completing the interior, which will be state-of-art. From cameras, communications, safety systems and sets, it should be something pretty special.”

Penta, will drive the cat during the 2020 season and he’ll be joined in the cockpit by offshore racing veteran Jay Muller. Muller, who ran with Penta in his Phase05 V-bottom, also will share the cockpit of the Supercat-class WHM Motorsports Skater Powerboats raceboat with driver/owner Billy Mauff.

“I’m very excited to be back in the Super Stock class because it’s stocked with great boats and talented teams,” said Muller, who won SBI Super Stock world championships in the Talbot Excavating 32-foot Doug Wright with the late Kyler Talbot in 2013 and 2015, and multiple SBI Superboat-class world championships—and one Super Stock-class world title—with Mauff. “To get back in the boat with Al is great. We had some fun and success in Pro Stock V, but I told him, ‘You have to get in a cat.’ So we looked at Killer Bee and he said, ‘We need this thing, it’s a beautiful boat.’ Now he is fully focused on getting everything we need to be competitive in this class.

“We plan on doing a lot of pre-season testing to get it dialed in for this season,” he continued. “And we plan on doing all six American Power Boat Association Offshore Championship Series, races plus the (Offshore Powerboat Associations-specific) Point Pleasant and Lake Hopatcong event—and a few others like Key West. We’re very pumped up.”

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